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The Weightless Method™Detox With Purpose

Detox with Purpose is a customized detox program built around nutritional science, psychology, and flexible food guidelines. This is for all of the women who have been let down one too many times in their weight loss struggles and trials.  Each of these seasonal programs is designed to maximize detoxification and fat loss.  

Together we will:

Evaluate mental junk food enabling your bad eating habits
Pull back the curtains on your digestion and immunity
Take a close look at hormone balance and recovery
Deliver insight and tools to set you up for success

Pick your start date.  Join the community.  Make your dreams come true!

Winter Detox Open Now


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Winter is a time when we naturally crave rest & recovery.  

It's also a time when we've been conditioned to set mighty resolutions, turning to punishing exercise and food restriction. This program is your chance to push pause.  To make purposeful goals and tap into your intution so that your body and mind will never be at odds again.  This recovery period sets the stage for long-lasting, life-changing results!

Detox With Purpose - Programs by Julie Felsher

You Can Expect To

Melt unwanted emotional and body fat

Nourish your brain & body with delicious foods

Heal sabotaging behaviors and thoughts

Get crystal clear on your goals for the year ahead

Reduce inflammation and set your body up for prolonged healing

Eliminate cravings and patterns of eating that keep you feeling heavy

Feel support and encouragement far beyond the detox

What You Get

A comprehensive program manual including program science, sample menus and everything else you need for success.

A Mouth-watering cookbook overflowing with SIMPLE & delicious recipes

Daily email motivation when you wake up each morning

Two information-rich audio classes to help you better understand your amazing body both during and after the program

Incredible Support

Live Kick-Off & Wrap-Up calls with Julie and the entire group

Supportive materials to keep you inspired and on track

An private online community. Your virtual “safe zone” for getting candid about struggles, asking questions and cheering one another on

1-on-1 Coaching

Imagine what it would be like to have a coach in your pocket throughout your detox experience. All participants will be invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute coaching session with Julie.

Together you will discuss your goals, challenges and exactly what to do when the program ends.


Real people, real results.

“...I have so much more room for true happiness and appreciation of the one precious body I have to carry me through this life.”

Laura Thompson Brady,

“...The best result of the detox was not only feeling better, but discovering that I could feel well again.”

Julia Steinberg, New Jersey

“...With a clean diet, a clear mind and a strong body, my husband and I conceived the old fashioned way!”

Jessica Steffens, California