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The Weightless Method™First Step

With digital and print media overwhelming our world, losing weight has become a solo endeavor for so many people.  Are your shelves stocked with books filled with promises?  Is your computer in need of a memory upgrade because it simply can't store all of the programs you've downloaded and abandoned?  Is the idea of trying again heavy on your soul?

I totally get it!

I want you to feel sure about the next step you take in your body transformation.  I want the path forward to be one that excites you and makes you feel light on your feet.  No more confusion about where to begin.  The First Step consultation is for anyone who is ready to lose the weight and wants to better understand their support options.  

This is a 30-minute deep dive into what's weighing you down.  You'll experience The Weightless Method™ in a powerful one-on-one setting while getting crystal clear on what the next steps are for you.  

First Step - Programs by Julie Felsher

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

“I’ll update my wardrobe when I lose 20 pounds.”

“Why do I even bother dieting when I just keep gaining it all back?”

“Maybe this time it’ll work.”

“Why do I feel like a zombie whenever I roll out of bed?”

“Does he still think I’m as sexy as when we met?”

Maybe you're not ready for a full-on commitment . . .

After all, we don't even really know each other yet!

Let's make a date!

We’ll dig into your unique challenges around food, body and confidence, so we can begin to lay the groundwork for lasting change.

Want to use this session to get clear on how you can design a new body legacy for your daughter? We can do that too.


Real people, real results.

“...I have so much more room for true happiness and appreciation of the one precious body I have to carry me through this life.”

Laura Thompson Brady,

“...I would not have the direction or the confidence I have in my business if it weren't for this valuable coaching. ”

Nancy Jimenez,

“...My energy has increased because I'm feeding my body right and I'm carrying around a lot less weight. ”

Elizabeth Wey, New Jersey