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The Weightless Method™For Coaches

One of the most empowering things I did when starting my business was to work with a coach.  I knew I wanted to create a massive shift in how women and girls feel in their bodies but I was so confused about how to turn my passion and education into a profitable business.  I know the value of a good coach when it comes to any kind of growth and change.  We all need someone to push us beyond our self-imposed limits from time to time, right?

Be Weightless™ in your business!

I work with small number of health coaches to build thriving practices that change lives.  If your ready to learn simple tools that get big results, I will support you.  

You've done the work.  You have invaluable education & passion.  Now it's time to put the pieces together and start helping people.  As a new coach, maybe you feel like you want to help EVERYONE.  I'll tell you right now, that's a mistake.  You have a unique message.  You have a purpose.  My job as your coach is to uncover your gifts & talents and put them into practice.

When you do that, business no longer feels like a burden.  It feels WEIGHTLESS!

For Coaches - Programs by Julie Felsher

What you can expect

We will determine what you are the EXPERT in and what to do so clients naturally seek you out.

We will develop the steps of your program(s) so that you you know exactly where to start with new clients.

We will cultivate your unique purpose so that you stand out among the swelling sea of health coaches.

How it works

You and I will meet every other week for 45 minutes.
These meetings take place over the phone and recordings are provided.

Between sessions, you have access to me via email for ongoing support.

I will hold you accountable to the tasks we create each week.


Real people, real results.

“...The best result of the detox was not only feeling better, but discovering that I could feel well again.”

Julia Steinberg, New Jersey

“... I reached my goal weight and I don’t have the old fear that I will gain the weight back. I can't believe how much I've grown in every aspect of my life!”

Stacy Manzari, New Jersey

“...With a clean diet, a clear mind and a strong body, my husband and I conceived the old fashioned way!”

Jessica Steffens, California