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The Weightless Method™Happy New You!

HAPPY NEW YOU is a 90 day system designed to create long lasting transformation in your body, your mind and your LIFE!  This customizable plan is based in nutrition science with transformational coaching, accountability and community built in.  This is for anyone who's been romanced by quick fixes in the past, only to be left feeling hungry, heavy and dissapointed.  

Together we will:

Design YOUR 90-day system so you get the specific results you're seeking
Quiet the mental chatter that has kept you stuck for too long
Master the tools needed for long lasting weight loss and energy
Build a community of people who consistantly lift each other up!

HAPPY NEW YOU is an applicaton only group.  

What this means is you'll be surrounded by other people who are 100% on board.  To see if the system is a good fit, click "Apply Now" and answer a few short questions.  Then I'll be in touch to get started designing your custom plan!

Happy New You! - Programs by Julie Felsher

You Can Expect To

Eat delicious food that leaves you feeling satisfied

Eliminate cravings and unhealthy patterns of eating

Lose unwanted body fat

Heal sabotaging behaviors and thoughts

Cultivate a sense of calm while boosting energy

Boost your immune system & your physical performance

Feel supported and inspired by our amazing community

What's Included

Weekly group calls to keep you motivated

Wholesale access to high quality nutrition & cleansing support products

Exclusive membership in our private Facebook group

Book-of-the-month to keep you focused

Email & text support from a certified nutrition coach!


Real people, real results.

“...I feel sexier and happy with my body now that I am nourishing it and feeding it good, wholesome foods.”

Lina Zahlan, New Jersey

“... I reached my goal weight and I don’t have the old fear that I will gain the weight back. I can't believe how much I've grown in every aspect of my life!”

Stacy Manzari, New Jersey

“...Detox with Purpose is easy to understand and guaranteed to make you feel great. ”

Sundi Culbertson, New Jersey