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You deserve to live with purpose in a body THAT you're head-over-heels in love with.

All of you professional dieters out there, consider this your intervention.

Crash diets and extreme exercise routines promise you big results in days, but leave you stressed out and on edge. They prescribe you a restrictive food plan and 2-hour daily workouts to see any results. I do not want you to feel weighed down by all of that. I want you to feel free

I believe you …

  • Must detoxify your mind, body and heart before you can succeed at dropping those extra pounds.
  • Shouldn’t live in fear of food and weight. Instead, learn to trust and understand your unique body.
  • Deserve the same kindness, nurturing and respect you give so freely to others.
  • Are responsible for creating a body legacy for your daughter (if you have one) that promotes self-love and confidence.

The Weightless Method™

Discover a proven 4-step process of body & soul transformation.  

When you let go of what is really weighing you down, the body you crave will be yours to enjoy.  

Say goodbye to self-sabotaging behaviors like counting calories and punishing exercise. Replace them with real, wholesome foods your whole family can enjoy. You don’t have to make two separate meals every night and feel like you’re missing out on the “good” stuff. Enjoy fun, natural body movement that fits into your schedule. Lose 5, 7, even 12 lbs in as little as 21 days …



The Weightless Method™ programs dive deep into science and nutrition but are not some short-term, quick fix. We take a complete look at your relationship with food and how you truly see yourself. The Weightless Method™ shines the light on hidden imbalances and emotional loads you may be carrying around. Loneliness, exhaustion, fear or dissatisfaction in work and relationships are just few examples of the mental junk that is likely contributing to your eating personality.

With a little love and support from someone who has been there and done that, you can reach results faster than you think.

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